Hick Stick


Tight powder filled trees? No problem. Spring time corn harvest? Bring it on! The Hick Sticks are made for the soft and slush. The big rocker nose helps to keep the skis afloat while the short swallowtail allows for a quick turning surfy feel. Having no metal edges definitely helps with the surfy feel, but don’t worry you can still rip a turn just avoid super hard pack days.

Along with no metal these skis are plastic free. The bases are a thick hickory veneer protected by a layer of thin fiberglass. Why you might ask? Because the less plastic the better. The rocker, swallowtail, all wood lay up with fiberglass/carbon adds up to a playful and versatile ski.


Each ski is made to order allowing your input in to the veneer topsheet and wooden base design.

Price $350 USD

Email info@smart-skis.com to place a purchase.