Ever want to shape your own powder ski? Make a topsheet of your own? Now you can with the 50/50 Blank. The 50/50 Blank is a solid blank 12″ wide and 75″ tall with a camber/rocker profile. You’ll get an edgeless solid hard wood base sealed with fiberglass, with the option of a veneer or blank canvas topsheet that you can create your own design on. All you need is a jig saw, a sander, paint or stain and wood sealer. It’s a ski for half the price, half the work, and all your own.
How it works:
  • Pick your choice of veneer or blank canvas topsheet. Paint or stain the topsheet to any design you want it to be.
  • Provide information on the shape of the ski you would like, and a template will be emailed to you to print. After the template is printed, simply attach it to the base of the blank and cut out with a jig saw.
  • When finished cutting the skis out from the template, sand and angle the hardwood sidewalls to a smooth finish. Apply an exterior wood sealer or epoxy to the sidewalls and topsheet.
  • Wax the bases with an iron at a low temperature.
  • Get them mounted and ski them!
Each blank is made with an ash/poplar core and a thick hardwood veneer base. The composites used are triaxial fiberglass, carbon fiber, and an extra layer of fiberglass in the binding area that is pressed together with a bio resin epoxy. The bases are sealed with a lightweight fiberglass using the same bio resin epoxy.
50-50-skisExamples of different shapes and the camber/rocker profile.

Limited one year warranty.

Free shipping for USA and Canada.